Everything changes and all life is transitory. Yet our spiritual nature strives for balance and peace while we navigate our life’s course. Since human beings are endowed with free will, everything we do involves choice. From the simple to the critical, we focus on the environment, moment to moment, and we choose. From these focused choices, we create our reality. Meditation is the single-minded focus of your own spiritual Path. 

Often, past karmic influences and our busy day to day lives, create conditions of extremes, situations that feel as if there is no room for choice. Consequently, decisions are made without thoughtful regard to moving life forward in the most positive direction. Becoming aware of the way we choose, developing a calm abiding mind capable of conscious acts of choice, is what true meditation is all about. Centerpath focuses on several areas of ancient meditation techniques in order to create a personal experience of meditation, the true Buddhist philosophy on The Middle Way. We are all unique souls. Our paths require our own personal perspectives. With the guidance of time tested tools of spiritual development, we can develop a new way of seeing our place in the World.

From a Buddhist perspective, it is our misconception of the cause of suffering that works against our efforts to create peace in our lives. Centerpath Meditation is a journey towards understanding the true nature of our suffering and how our grasp of impermanent phenomenon keeps us from the potential and possibility within each of us. With this understanding, along with training the mind to focus regularly, we begin to choose a Middle Way that enhances our lives. We witness ourselves consciously letting go of the conditions that cause suffering. As a result, our inherent Buddha nature (the Highest Self or Soul) becomes more available to our everyday realities and every act of choice. Though we may struggle to keep up in a fast paced world, we come to know each step of our journey. We become familiar with the feeling of peace and joy. We begin to see our lives reflected in the world around us, especially in the Natural world of our planet Earth.

There is no miracle. The Heart, the center of our Soul, is simply given space to unfold.

"...Not merely to escape the antithesis of 'yes' or 'no', but to find a positive way in which the opposites are perfectly harmonized...not through logic, but through a mind of higher order."

​-D.T. Suzuki, Zen scholar


The power of meditation is not based on a belief in Buddhism. It is a personal practice that transcends the conditions of any one religion. The Dalai Lama would be the first to affirm that we must each find our own way. Buddhism is merely a place from which to start. It is through Buddhist and other eastern religious practices, that the concept of meditation was realized, as spiritual masters and sages devoted lifetimes to finding the answers that could alleviate suffering. 

The Buddha taught that through the practice of meditation we become more conscious of the inherent interdependency of all life and The Path of Enlightenment is awakened in us. We choose to respond compassionately to all beings, to respect our environment and live in harmony with the Earth that sustains us. And in order to extend this great compassion to others, we must first develop a true sense of compassion towards ourselves, by forgiving the regrets we may have from the past. This is the real work of meditation...the realization that letting go of our past is essential to growing the seeds of our future.

Centerpath mediataion helps develop our strong determination and commitment to move forward with wisdom, understanding and patience. And as we accept our responsibility to create peace in our own lives, ultimately, we create peace in the World. This is the true Path of Freedom.

“…There are no sravakas (saints) who attain nirvana. What you practice is the path of compassion; and if you practice step by step, you will all know Enlightenment"

- The Buddha